Want boye needlemaster cables

does anyone have boye needlemaster cables? or know where to buy more? i bought an older set off of ebay, and while i love the set (i’ll be buying options later :shifty: ) it came with just four cables, and all of them are fairly short. i’d like to get maybe four longer cables… tia

I found this site where you can order more.

Hobby Lobby carries them, both in the store and their catalog site - http://www.craftsetc.com/store/search.aspx?searchTerm=knitmates&f=DepartmentName&DepartmentName=Needlework

OMG I am so glad someone posted this !! I have meaning to post for a few months now and never think of it when I am on. I lvoe my Boye set and it is all I use to knit anymore so I need additional cables so I can have more than one project going at one time.

THank you for the link I am filling out the order form right now and handing it to my hubby so he can order them for my birthday :muah: