Wanna help me find a baby sweater pattern?

I want something relatively quick and simple…not sure how long something like that would take.I’ve only done booties and a coaster so far…oh my little munchkin wears like 12-18 months:wink:

– I think this sweater would be really cute if the neck was made a little shorter

The easiest baby/toddler sweater I ever knit was the Stars and Stripes sweater from the book Knitting For The First Time by Vaness-Anne. It only took me a weekend and I had it finished, and that included frequently stopping to nurse my son.

This free pattern is great. No seams to sew. I added buttons and button loops instead of the ties.


This one should be super easy. It’s made in DK, but if you did the same thing with larger needles and worsted weight yarn it will come out bigger and probably the right size.



I second this. I just have 1 sleeve left to do on this one. It was the first sweater I started and it’s pretty easy! (I have since made a different one all the way- gee I really need to finish this thing!)