Walmart Fancy Feast cat food: anyone notice a difference?

We buy Fancy Feast in the city (New York) and then also upstate at a Walmart. It’s half price at Walmart, 65 cents to 75 cents in the city and only 45 cents or womething at the Walmart but

I’ve noticed a lot of it, the chicken in particular doesn’t seem as nice and what’s worse my cats won’t touch it lately. It looks pretty awful. Do you think Walmart could have a special … inferior grade made for them? hmmmmm

OK, that’s weird. My cat loved, loved, loved the FF trout flavor but one day wouldn’t eat it. She also quit eating the other flavors. We did buy some food at Walmart because we were there and they had the flavors she liked.
I just bought some more cans at Publix (supermarket here) and now she’s loving it again. I was hesitant to buy anymore but figured I’d try it. I wonder if you are right? :ick: I know some companies will produce a lesser grade of product for some items but I wasn’t sure they’d do it for food items.

I’ve heard of companies making cheaper versions of their products exclusively for Wal-Mart, like electronics and computers, for example. They’ll even give the ones that go to Wal-Mart different model numbers or particular serial numbers. I haven’t heard of food companies making cheaper versions of their food for Wal-Mart, but judging from the quality of the produce and meat I’ve seen at my local Wally World, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

Nothing Walmart does to cut costs surprises me. I wouldn’t buy pet food there. I was lucky that what my dogs eat wasn’t among the recalled pet foods last year.

That’s true. I don’t buy much from walmart anymore. I used to shop there a lot, but I hardly ever do anymore. I only go for like 2 specific things that I can’t find anywhere else. Their stuff just keeps getting worse and worse… that’s how they keep lowering prices.

I :heart: Publix.

Oh oh oh! Me me me!! I noticed a HUGE difference between walmart and Petsmart FF Tender Beef cat food a few months ago. The walmart’s is dryer than the Petsmart. The Petsmart cans have a lot more ‘juice’ in them than walmart does. It seems more pasty, I think that’s the word I’m looking for. My cats will eat either one so I don’t think where I buy it it is any different. I only say that because my Max is the most finickiest cat on this planet and if he doesn’t like something he won’t touch it, he’d rather starve. But I would imagine that anything is possible, since these companies can poisen our animals without informing us of changes so, yes, I wouldn’t put it past them.

But walmart is closer than Petsmart and sometimes so I do buy it when I’m there. Or should I say when they have any left. They always seem to be out of the Tender Beef flavor. So I do buy most of it at Petsmart.

oh my god! So I’m right! I can’t believe it, I didn’t pay attention better and it took me quite a while, we just went and bought a whole bunch at Walmart and then I saw they (we’re talking TWO cats here also not just one finicky) wouldn’t touch it, sometimes they just walk away. Yet when I get the more expensive one here inthecity they EAT IT! ah hah! Thanks so much for sharing this info coz this is important. I hate to tell you this but this really good pet store around the corner from me here in the city, they carry great stuff (pet food humans could eat, no byproducts) this employee told me that byproducts well, some companies actually use dead cats & dogs. How about that?

Sorry if you haven’t heard that but she was adamant it’s true.

And yeah, pasty is the exact word, the Walmart chicken is really almost grayish and pasty, looks awful. I’m not shopping there ANYMORE. Thanks again, god! I hate they underestimate our animals health!


:passedout: Okay, now that’s just plain gross. I can’t even wrap my brain around that concept. I hope to God she’s wrong, ugh. But now I’m going to Petsmart today and not Walmart just in case she’s right.

Better safe than sorry.

It might not be dead cats and dogs specifically, but it is low-quality animal meat that can’t be sold to humans: sick cows and horses, knuckles, bones, ligaments, chicken bits and pieces, etc. :ick: And in dog food they throw a lot of wheat gluten and corn byproducts as fillers.

Dogs and cats can’t digest that crap, they don’t need it! No wonder my dog was such a Fart Monster before I switched him over to a cleaner food. :doh:

I also stopped buying my cat litter at Wal-Mart. It seemed it lacked the ingredient that made it clump tightly.

I’ve heard it was roadkill. You know the DOT does collect it. They have to do something with it, right? Ugh.


{/quote} Dogs and cats can’t digest that crap, they don’t need it! No wonder my dog was such a Fart Monster before I switched him over to a cleaner food. :doh:[/quote]

That’s hilarious. Well sort of! A couple years ago I started giving my two cats raw or sometimes cooked a wee bit, chicken livers and also I buy some cheap shrimp every other week. They flip out over that food and I noticed my girl of 14 improved tremendously, her coat got shinier and she had more pep. I do that regularly. I have a book on making pet food and it’s such darn good stuff but I am so lazy to do all that. I try once in a while, maybe I’ll try harder some more.

My DH decided to take the bull by the horns, he’s wrote Fancy Feast (owned by Purina) today to try and get an answer if they have a special grade for Walmart. Will keep you posted. I’m going to try and return it to Walmart coz I bought a huge bunch of the rotten stuff.

I tend not to smell the cat food, but oh boy, maybe I should start.
I went out and bought a bunch of nice food today…Science diet and this fantastic stuff… Weruva, have you tried it? Yeah it’s expensive :roll: but I love em to death… Weruva has such cool stuff, Mideast Feast, Grilled Tilapia, Chicken Soup and it’s real pieces of fish and they just went crazy over it today. I think they were starving coz they wouldn’t eat the Walmart stuff.

Okey doke.

Hamalee… yeah I knew all that crap was in there. by products

Roadkill!!! What’s DOT? oh, dept of transportation right… Well roadkill’s better than chicken beaks and sick cows!

Yeah I have noticed it doesn’t taste the same.

wouldya say beer or wine with it Mason? :roflhard:

Here is the reply I got today from Purina/Fancy Feast:

[SIZE=2]Thank you for contacting Nestlé Purina PetCare Company.

The situation you encountered is an unusual occurrence and certainly not typical of our products. We appreciate you bringing your comments to our attention. They have been noted and are being reported to the appropriate individuals in our Company.

We are at a loss to explain why your pets did not enjoy the product from this particular package. Please know that there have been no changes in the formula, quality of ingredients or method of manufacturing this product. The same formulation is shipped to all stores.

We are most anxious to restore your confidence in our products. Thus, we are mailing a complimentary coupon for your use. Also, to help make up for some of your inconvenience, we are including several high value discount coupons we hope you’ll use the next time you purchase Nestlé Purina PetCare Company products.

Again, thank you for visiting our web site.


My cats are on a special prescription diet, so I can’t say from personal experience. BUT my mother swears that the Walmart Fancy Feast is lesser quality than the Fancy Feast she’s bought at other stores.
I would not doubt that Walmart has lower quality cat food despite the item being a national name brand. Many of these big chain stores do this sort of thing. They are capable of buying such large quantities that the manufacturers can run an entirely seperate lower quality production line. Same goes for Home Depot. Many of their home repair items, particularly the plumbing items, are made with cheap plastic “innards” when the same item sold at a plumbing supply company has copper and brass “innards”. My husband is a plumber and warns people to never buy things like faucets, etc, at Home Depot and Lowes because its an inferior product despite the name brand on the package.
I’ve also noticed that other items bought at Walmart are lower quality than items bought at my grocery store. For example, my paper towels at Walmart are thinner than the same brand at my grocery store.

This is interesting. I live in Canada and I don’t buy my cat food at Walmart (we do have them though), but I used to feed my cat Fancy Feast and she loved it. One day she just sort of stopped eating it. She just wouldn’t eat. At this point I was reading a lot about what is in cat food and I switched her to a grain free natural food. I didn’t think anyone else had noticed a difference in Fancy Feast, or I never thought of it. It’s strange because she would literally prance to her food bowl when the FF was in it, but then eventually she just stopped eating it all together.
On a separate note- My parent’s cat died from eating the tainted pet food. It was very sad and they didn’t know what it was at the time.

Oh! I meant to add to my earlier post that when we feed the cats, our dog always comes and helps herself to licking the spoon. Every time. She never misses a chance for a quick beef lick. :teehee:

But I would say about 6 months ago I had bought a batch at stupidmart and I went to feed the boys and my dog came, as always, and I held it down for her to lick and she looked at it, smelled it and walked away!! :noway: Can you even picture that! A dog turning her nose at a free lick of food. That opened my eyes quite quickly. My one cat did turn his head a few times when I fed it to him, but he did eat it.

It’s just not right that people can do this to innocent creatures. :fingerwag:

:teehee: I definitely use my dogs as food tastiness barometers. If they won’t eat something I’ve made or pull out of the fridge I don’t even try. Straight into the trash can! :rofl: