What do they mean designate underarm when knitting the sleeve for the wallaby sweater

Which wallaby sweater are you making? There seem to be several on Ravelry.

If it’s a paid pattern, can you quote only a row or two in the problem area. Don’t post the whole pattern in any case due to copyrights.

It says knit 6 rows designate underarm increase 1 place marker knit 1 place marker increase knit accross, I don’t know what they mean designate underarm?

Decide where the underarm should be and follow the directions for increasing and placing markers. Designate it unusual but maybe it’s a translation?
Can you tell us the designer or the name of the book or publisher?

Was it from cottage creations?
Wonderful Wallaby

Looks like a wonderful pattern.

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Yes it is. It is on page 3 half way down, also when finished it says knit one more rnd and place 10 underarm stitches on yarn, where do the 10 stitches start, from the middle knit stitch between the markers? I have knitted a lot and it doesn’t make sense. THANKS

It is wonderful wallaby for grownups-cottage creations

Cute sweater!
I don’t have the pattern but it sounds like you have a single knit stitch marked as the center stitch for the sleeve. Also sounds like it’s knit from cuff to underarm? The increases occur on either side of the marked stitch. When you get to the end, place stitches on either side of the marked stitch on waste yarn (it could be 4sts before the marked stitch, the marked stitch and 5sts after).
This way, the increases are on the inner side of the arm and the held sts are at the underarm.