Waldorf Knitting

Well, here’s something I’d never thought of before. Some friends of mine want me to teach their children knitting, but they want meto do it Waldorf style with “the verses.”

I haven’t yet admitted to them that I have no idea what they’re talking about :-/

Before I have to fess up, can someone shed some light on the subject? I googled it, and found some verses but I don’t know exactly how they’re used. Is there a bookout there that discribes this?


They want you to teach their children to knit and they want you to do it with verses that you never heard of? Unless they’re paying you to do this, teach the kids to knit in a way that makes sense to you, so you can explain yourself in a way they’ll understand. If they want verses and songs about how the yarn goes, let them sing along.

I know this came out sounding cynical. It’s certainly not directed at anyone in particular. Sometimes learning something can be just that–it doesn’t have to be an “experience.”

<In through the front door, once around the back, out through the window, off jumps Jack>

I use this Waldorf verse with all beginner knitters, young and old. It helps them remember the succession of the steps.

From what I understand, the Waldorf schools also teach Continental knitting not American/English style.

My SIL is a Waldorf teacher.

In Amy’s videos she talks about the verses – for continental it’s a bit modified, but basically the same.

We have a Waldorf school in our town and I keep meaning to call and see if there is someone there who I could pay to teach my eager almost-5-y-o to knit. I have done some work with her but she responds much better to other adult teachers than to me. :wink: :rollseyes:

"In Amy’s videos she talks about the verses – for continental it’s a bit modified, but basically the same. "

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Julie, where can I find Amy’s verses? Or does she speak them during the video? I don’t have speakers, but I could find someone with them if that’s where they are.



Well, I must confess, they are paying me. I didn’t want to admit it because I’m such a sham of a knitter. But I can teach beginning knitting. I’m doing it for cheap, but not for free :slight_smile:

Now at least I understand what they were talking about. It would help to remember how it works.

I do knit continential so that’s what I’ll be teaching, so I’ll have to find verses for that.

I think since you’re the teacher, you decide how to teach…do these parents go to their kids school and tell the teacher how to do her job?

Amy does talk about the verses during the video–I bet you could find the text and some pictures somewhere online though.

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sigh I wish we had a Waldorf school close by :frowning: I think that by agreeing to teach for a Waldorf School you sort of have to accept and respect the schools philosophy.