Waiting and waiting and

waiting! For my new yarn.

This is so frustrating! I bought yarn online and it only has to come from the next county and I am so psyched about starting this pattern

Oh hurry up!


My mom got us the pots I put on our wedding registry - they seemed to take FOR-FREAKING-EVER to show up, I was literally jumping up and down when the box showed up (no one has ever been so happy to receive a set of pots/pans) even my step-son got excited and helped me unpack the box and fit the correct lid to the correct pot. :slight_smile:

I guess you will be uber happy when your yarn does arrive???

Oh how we knitters love stalking the mailman/ups/fedex guy… :lol: I swear sometimes they take the Turtle Express… a pony would be faster! :roflhard:

I think waiting for the second trimester is the longest wait for anything, ever! I swear there’s some kind of evil time vortex in pregnancy.

Oh honey… just wait for the last month or two to go by… it takes 5 years. :lol:


I always found the last 2 weeks endless! Thank god I never went as far as my due date I would have been a mad woman!

Yarn arrived today. I am now going to be a good little knitter and start my guage swatch but really am itching to get going on this pattern

I can honestly say that’s so NOT true for me. :slight_smile:

Though this last week has felt a little on the slow side, but not excruciatingly slow. I think just looking for signs of labour are making me take notice of time passing more. :teehee: Waiting for the 2nd trimester bliss definitely felt longer to me.

-Irishmam so happy your yarn finally arrived. Getting yarn mail is always awesome!