Waist Band Ribbing Stretched Out

Help -

I accidentally steam-blocked my rib knit waistband and now it’s all stretched out. What can I do??


If it’s knit in a natural fiber, I would think that soaking it in a lukewarm wool wash bath for a while should un-do the blocking and bring the spring back. I could be mistaken, but that’s what I would try first.

It’s a wool sweater - and that’s what I was thinking too. I was just too afraid to make a bigger mess! Thank you!

wash it cold and lay if flat to dry, pushed together as much as it needs. If you did not kill the wool, it will do.

If it really would not come back, then you could always get those thin elastic yarns, thread it in from the inside and give the ribbing the propper tuck. But washing and laying it will most likely fix it.