I just started Simple Hat With a Twist by Christine M. Bagwell, and it says to “W&T” at the end of a row. I think it means wrap & turn, but not sure exactly how to do it. It’s knitted flat, not in the round.

You slip the stitch, wrap the yarn around the st you just slipped, and slip the stitch back to the original needle. Then you turn and continue knitting.

‘wrap and turn’ would be my guess, too. There’s a video hereif you scroll down to ‘short row with wrap’.

Does it matter whether you wrap purlwise or knitwise??? :eyes:

I have the best luck with picking up the st again if I wrap the yarn around the outside of the stitch from the back of my work to the front. Most w&t tutorials show it wrapped around from front to back and when I do it, it leaves the wrap on the RS when I go to knit it with the st. The slipping should be done purlwise though.