Hey all!

Question: What is a “wrap and turn”?

when you get to where it says ‘wrap and turn’ with the yarn in back slip the next stitch onto your needle purlwise, bring the yarn in front, and then slip the stitch back so that you’re ‘wrapping’ the stitch with the yarn, then turn the work (even though you’re not to the end of the row) and knit the next row.

does that make any sense? If it doesn’t I’m sure someone else could explain it better…

Oh! I forget :mrgreen:…

When you get to where you’re knitting the wrapped stitches you pick up the wrap with the stitch (usually you actually pic up the little big of yarn and slip it up onto your left needle before knitting the stitch) and knit them together. This helps prevent a hole.

Again, I hope this makes sense

soooo… this may come across as a strange question, but what does wrapping and turning do? like, what’s its purpose? :thinking:

It creates what’s called short rows. Short rows are used for many different things - it can be used to add darts to the bustline of an item to create extra room for a larger bust, for creating sock heels, for adding shaping to a waistline, and can also be used to create sloped shoulders. Is there a particular pattern you are looking at?

yea, i’m looking at pasha the penguin from knittty.com (what can i say, i’m a linux geek ) :wink:


Video here: short row with wrap

OOOOO great video link - ARGH I did my wrap and turns completely wrong laugh oh well =P they look a bit rough but they will have to do!