W&T on Pasha the Penguin question

So far, my Pasha the Penguin is coming out wonderfully…I just hope I did the w&t rows properly.

In the patterns, here are the instructions for the shaping:

Row 1 [RS]: K20, w&t.
Row 2 [WS]: P16, w&t.
Row 3 [RS]: K14, w&t.
Row 4 [WS]: P12, w&t.
Row 5 [RS]: K10, w&t.
Row 6 [WS]: P8, w&t.
Row 7 [RS]: K6, w&t.
Row 8 [WS]: P4, w&t.
Row 9 [RS]: K to end, picking up and knitting wraps together with respective sts.
Row 10 [WS]: P all sts, picking up and purling wraps together with respective sts.

My question relates to the last two lines of instruction, rows 9 & 10. What do they mean by “Picking up and knitting wraps together with respective sts”.

I just knit them regularly making sure I still had 24 sts because a few lines later, it says to CO 5, knit the row, CO 5 more to the end and purl the last row. After those two rows were done, it said I should have 34 sts so I know that I wasn’t supposed to do any kind of decreasing.

But, that whole “Picking up and knitting wraps together” line really confuses the heck outta me.

Thanks for any insight into this!


I think you made an oops, though I don’t know how serious it will be when all is said and done. When you’re knitting stitches that have been wrapped, you should pick up the wrap - the yarn you wrapped around the base of the stitch when you W&T’ed it - and knit it with the stitch like a K2tog. Maybe someone with more short-row experience than I have will be able to tell you whether it’s a “you need to rip back” thing or a “nobody will notice” thing.
Edited to add: This is the site that taught me how to wrap and turn. It has nice clear directions. :thumbsup:

That’s where I learnt it as well, tab and, yeah, you’re right, you pick up each wrap along with the stitch it’s wrapped around, (I normally place the wrapped stitch on the right needle, pick up the wrap with the left then slide the, now unwrapped, stitch back to the left needle) then knit them together, (K2tog). Does that make sense?

To the OP, you will probably need to rip back as picking up the stitches is done for a reason.

Thanks! I had a feeling I would have to do that…darn. I’ll take a look at that site and learn W&T for real this time.

You know, shame on me for not finding this video last night. I think the only thing the picking up and knitting wrapped stitches does is close all the holes.

I could imagine the importance of that on a stuffed animal…don’t want him to have a holey head.

A demonstration on what I did not do: