Vogue Pattern

I started a project in the most recent vogue catelog…it’s a cute pink balero. I really haven’t knitted much but I though I would give it a try. I was doing really good until I ran into the reglan arm hole part of the pattern on the back piece. I don’t have the pattern infront of me, but I think it is written wrong. Could someone confirm this for me. The first row of the reglan arm part calls for a series of stitches and then it tells you to knit until the last 6 stiches, however the last directions for that 1st row require 7 stiches. I don’t know if I am just knitting something wrong, or what. So if someone could help me out that would be great. I think it is pattern 23 or 24 in the back of the book.

I don’t have the book, but could it be some kind of short row shaping???

Also, Vogue Corrections HERE.

I just checked my magazine and I think I know the part you’re talking about. It is correct–you’re doing a series of decreases & increases that require 6 stitches–

ssk (decrease using 2 stitches), yo (increase–don’t count this as one of your 6 since it’s in addition to those!), ssk (uses 2 stitches), k2 (with last 2 stitches)

So maybe you were counting the yo? These are kind of vague instructions–cute bolero though! I was thinking of making it too.

I’m working on another pattern from the same issue and to say their directions are sparse is being kind!

My pattern (#23) specifies a size Large as a finished bust measurement of 32"!

No matter how you slice it, a misses/women’s large isn’t 32 inches.

I emailed Vogue asking for some details…like, what size bust the sizes would fit. Their reply was, “It’s very close fitting.” Duh!

Oh well, they sure design pretty garments!

Good luck with your pattern. Renée :slight_smile: