Vogue Pattern Help

I am beginning a Vogue Baby Blanket pattern and have run into something confusing. The pattern consists of several strips knitted in a repeating pattern and then sewn together vertically. No big deals there. However, the pattern’s odd numbered rows are P. This creates a problem because the design is on all of the odd numbered rows; i.e. K2tog, SSK, etc. Could it be that the pattern’s row 1 is actually the cast on row?

It doesn’t make sense for K designs to be stitched on P rows.:wall: :wall: :wall:

It would be helpful if you could post a few lines of the pattern so we can see what it says.

Thanks so much. I’ve included the pattern for all three strips. Note that the stitch key as well.

The page is too hard to read, but did you write this correctly?

However, the pattern’s odd numbered rows are P. This creates a problem because the design is on all of the odd numbered rows; i.e. K2tog, SSK, etc.

If you meant the stitch pattern rows are the even numbered rows, that’s okay. Some patterns are written so the even numbered rows are the RS, so don’t count the CO as a row, it never is. Some patterns just have the first row (R 1) as the WS.

In the pattern below all of the odd number rows are P stitches given that one casts on and then purls. The pattern done in a design, such as SSK or K2tog. This design looks really odd on a purled row.

Do you have the name of the pattern, and/or the book or issue it is in? Someone might have it.

Does the key or written instructions have the increases and decreases done on the WS rows? Look at the text to see if it says Row 1 is WS. It looks to me as though you knit on row 1 not purl it.

Well … the key is not very clear nor are the instructions (yeah for Vogue). But I was thinking that given the CO produces a WS, one would automatically P the 1st row for consistency – otherwise it looks odd. So back to my original question: Could it be that the first row in the pattern is a CO with 2nd row a P? or I should just live with the WS CO look and K the 1st row?

Again thank you so much for helping me out here :cheering:

Book: “Vogue Knitting: Baby Blankets” from the Vogue Knitting International On the Go! Series.
Pattern: Lace Christening Blanket: Victorian Revisited
Designed by Mari Lynn Patrick, pg. 53

No (sigh) this is where all those instructions for LT cast on that say ‘you’ve already knit the first row’ go astray. It [B]is not[/B] the first row, it’s a cast on, so you just begin with the first row of the pattern. After you’ve knit a few rows, the bumps really don’t look so much like a purl side. If you [I]really[/I] don’t like how it looks, then go ahead and purl the first row, but that means it’s actually the 2nd row of the chart. Or it can be row 0 and the next row will be row 1. Just remember it will be either one row short or one row more and do the same on all the strips.

Thanks so much for the confirmation. I had started that pattern 3 times last night and finally decided to come back to it tonight with fresh eyes. I can live with the bumps just fine and will start as you have suggested.

Again thanks to everyone!