Vogue Fall 2007?

Does anyone have any information on this pattern from Vogue knitting from Fall 2007? I’d like to make it and want to look on Ravelry for it.


Whoops! I decided to search for the issue in Ravelry and it was there! Thanks anyway but I found it!

Will you post it, or at least the link for it?
Thanks <3

Here is a link to the pattern info on Ravelry:

The bummer is that you have to have the issue of Vogue to get the pattern. All the back issues of Vogue Knitting have been STOLEN from our library (how horrible is that???!!!) so I don’t have the pattern. I suppose I could buy the issue, which you can do from the VK website.

Good luck! It’s a beautiful scarf!

I just looked because I have a lot of the back issues but I hve all of 2007 except the fall one. I would have let you borrow it. I’ll keep looking and let you know if I find it.

That would be totally lovely! Please let me know if you find it, I would love to make the scarf!!



You can order back issues directly from Vogue:


Thanks, I know I could order it. I have so many books already and our house is super small. I have no place to store any more stuff. I’m also not sure I will like the pattern, I kinda wanted to look at it first. I have two little kids and my knitting time is so limited. 5 mins here, 10 mins there. I have to have something I can pick up and then put down.

I will keep the link, thanks so much!