hey, I’m going to start

Who’s in?

Love that pattern :slight_smile: Too bad I already have 3 sweaters OTN and I want to start one more!! :wall: I want to make a cashmere sweater for my hubby soon :heart: I’ve got a silk/cashmere corset OTNs, :happydance: the Simple Knitted Bodice, and a basic homespun hooded sweater. Perhaps once I finish the bodice, which is about 2/3 done… Then I’ll have a good excuse!


D’oh I like this too. AND I have enough yarn in my stash (I’m not crazy about the color anymore, but I like it okay and it will work)… And I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY like it… and I don’t have to buy yarn… and I like it a LOT… and I can knit it for free… and I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it…


but I have a sweater OTN and 2 others I want to start too! And I had to BUY yarn for those, so I feel guilty not using it…

LOL!!! Yes, being able to use yarn you already have is GREAT!!!

I’m ordering yarn that is going to be way to warm, but I like it anyway. I haven’t exactly ordered it yet though, so I might change my mind. I can’t figure out what weight the yarn is that is called for on this. It looks like it is the same as knitpicks andean silk, but I’m not sure…

Hmmm, in doing the math, even though it would take 4 extra skeins to make it in andean silk, it would still cost almost half the price. I guess I know what I’m going to order now. :wink: :whistle:

I love that sweater, but I just can’t start it yet!

Have fun! :cheering:

I love it, too! It’s on my long list of things that I want for me! I’m losing wt, so I dare not knit garments for me at the present, but this one will be mine one day…:wink:

What color did you order? Looks like the gauge is worsted for the recommended yarn.

Can’t wait to see how these come out :cheering:

PhotoGirl, have you started yet?

Uhm… no. :oops:

I have bronchitis, so I haven’t been doing anything that requires that I follow any kind of pattern. When I first got sick I was working on another Branching out, but I made such a bad oops that I had to frog the whole thing. I managed to get back to where I was when my needles slid out (oops) , but I haven’t touched it since and I’m afraid to start my sweater. I don’t want to make a bunch of huge mistakes.

No, I haven’t. I’ve had bronchitis and other issues that haven’t allowed me to beable to knit anything more complicated than a dishcloth. I’m hoping to be able to start this weekend. Depends on if I get used to the new medicine or not.

Okay, I’ve finally started it. I’m using knitpicks andean silk in Slate for the contrasting color on the edges and the Hollyberry for the main color.

I’ll post a couple pix once I’m past the rib at the bottom. LOL!

I finally have a pic of the beginning. I don’t know if I like the way this is going to knit up. I am knitting it following the second largest pattern measurements, and I still think it is going to be to small. I don’t know.

:inlove: love it!

I love this sweater, and I haven’t made anything for myself since high school. How’s it progressing?

How’s it going???

Uh-oh - another project for my ‘want to do’ list …

Even though I said I had the yarn, I might just go buy new yarn today… i’m so bad… I wish I wasn’t impatient with knitpicks… but then i’ll get a “present” in the mail in a few days… all of my posts are like random word associations, aren’t they… ?

those colors are beautiful! if you reknit I read a trick about the color change not showing in ribbing (though there it might look nice, actually), and that is for you to knit the one row you are doing the color change in just plain knit and return to the ribbing the next row.

Sorry about your trouble for size. Did you swatch?