Vista is messing with me and its making me mad

I wake up this morning and eventually turn on the computer and the tabs disappear when the cursor is not over the top of them. When I take it down off the tabs, the pages jumps down. The bottom bar is completely gone, it does not come up at all. :wall:Is this only me or has this happened to other people and is there any way to fix it?

Is the problem in Firefox or some other application?

I don’t know, let me check to see if it is doing this with Explorer…Explorer is the normal one, if that ain’t crazy…

if you go to, there is a example of what the top portion of my screen used to look like

Okay, of course this is one of those times that I pressed a key and it all went back to normal and I have no idea why. I was watching a YouTube video of how to take a pic of my computer screen, the guy said to press the sys rq button to take the pic and my screen jumped then it all went back to normal?

Thanks Mason for trying to help me out here…

Ok so you are talking about Firefox, that’s what I needed to know. There are a couple of possibilities, including a graphics card related issue, but the first thing I would try is to go through the Firefox preferences and recheck/uncheck all of your preferences.

Once you do this and then click OK that should re-write the preferences file and reset everything back the way it was.

Don’t forget to re-check/uncheck in the Advanced preferences tab. If something is already checked like you wanted just uncheck it and then re-check it.

Is that in Vista, the operating system, or in Internet Explorer? Check your preference settings, something might have got turned off.

My problem with Vista or Microsoft or whatever is that it won’t let me get any updates, keeps telling me that there is an unkown error, 80070570, when it tries to update. I can’t find any solutions to the dumb thing :wall: