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Well, I finally took the plunge and began publishing my own designs. I started out be selling a bunch of designs to a yarn company. Then I thought to myself–
Why not just do this myself?
So come by my website often to look around. There will be more and more patterns added as time passes. Some are free and some aren’t, but I hope you will think they’re worth a look! Most are for knitting. Some will be for crochet, though I haven’t put any of those up yet. It’s just a baby website for now (I just put it up yesterday!).

Yvonne, I love your site…too :sunglasses: cool :sunglasses: !! What a plunge you have taken & I wish you loads of luck :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: You can do it :thumbsup:

SO cool Yvonne! Love that chloe wrap!! And ALL knit sts! AWESOME! Can you tell me the specs on that? Like what yarn & needle size? I wanna guesstimate how long that would take me to make…I have a friend that would LOVE that for her BDay in July!

You know, you may want to email Rachel at knittingpatterncentral and have her link directly to Twisty Toasty on YOUR site, rather than to the thread on here! (unless you’ve done this already)

I realized after the fact that I need to put the yarn specs on there. I will do that tomorrow; too much time on the computer this weekend and not enough knitting time, and it’s already Sunday night! :rollseyes:
The Chloe Wrap is made with ONE hank of the Knit Picks paint your own 100% merino laceweight, the 880-yard hank. Size 10 needles.
It took me about a week to make it and then of course it has to be blocked.
You’re right about the free pattern link at knitting pattern central being at my site. I haven’t done it yet.
Incidentally, the Claire shawl, the purply one, is made with two hanks of Knit Picks Shimmer.

I ordered the Claire shawl to make for my mom from some lace weight yarn that I have. Very pretty patterns!

Thank you Sara!

Hmmm…I wonder how Chloe would look in Sock Garden…fingering weight…all those COLORS!!! :thinking:

great site!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I think Chloe would be lovely in Sock Garden. You’d just need to use the bigger needles to get the same effect and have it be nice and drapey. Maybe I’ll make her in that yarn next…

I am going to do the Claire shawl in Shadow in Oregon Coast for my mom for Christmas… if I can get it done. :slight_smile: I read through the pattern and have some questions, but will wait to ask as I am knitting along. Sometimes things work themselves out while your are actually knitting. :wink: I think I am going to order the Chloe one for myself too. They are both very pretty. Thanks!!

Sara, just email me if you have any questions at all. No problem!