Vintage-style baby bonnet


Hi Everyone,

New here, and I need help. I am not the great knitter but I like to knit sometime. I am knitting this Vintage-style baby bonnet for my baby and I am lost in pattern. First part was easy now second part says:
Row (RS): K0 (1,2), *sl2k, k14, k2tog. rep from * 3 times, k0 (1,2) ……64 (66,68).
so I don’t understand the first bit k0 (1,2) . what is that mean? do I …??? I am so lost.
Thank you for all your help.


Welcome to the forum!
Your pattern probably comes in 3 different sizes. When it says K0(1,2), skip that step for the smallest size and go to the next step. For the medium size, k1 and for the large, k2.