Vintage Spinning Wheel Mystery

Does anyone know what kind of spinning wheel this is? I thought it was an Ashford but someone said it isn’t?

Looks like this one…

No picture. You can post a link now or a picture. It’s easiest to resize it and attach it from your computer using the paperclip.

Ive been trying to fix it, but it won’t let me…

It may be that the photo is too large. Try following these directions:

It says I’m not allowed to do it when I try from my own computer…I don’t get it, sorry to be dense…

Not allowed? :?? That seems odd. I know if the picture is too large it won’t let you. Is it resized?

Where did you see the picture? Maybe a link would work.

IIRC when you’re new to Knitting Help, you may have to make so many posts before you’re ‘allowed’ to post pictures … it helps prevent porn pics by scammers.

So … tell us a bit about yourself …:teehee: