Vintage blouse - what's going on?

I could really use a second set of eyes on [this pattern.] ( It’s knit flat, starting at the bottom of the back, up over the shoulders and neck and down the front - sort of poncho-style. I’m getting confused by the pattern repetition starting at the blouse back (from where it says to change needles and start pattern).

First question is simple: do I hold the cable needle to the front or back?

As far as I can make out, the pattern repetition is as follows:
Row 1: (Cables) k8, sl4 sts to CN, k4, k4 from CN, rep. to end.
Rows 2-7: Stockinette
Row 8: (Cables) sl4 sts to CN, k4, k4 from CN, k8, rep. to end.
Rows 9-14: Stockinette

  • while adding sts at the sides for the sleeves in stockinette.
    Have I got this right?

It then says to repeat from double star of first row to double star for yoke - but I’m just not seeing this second double star! How far do I work in the repeat? Do I work it all the way until it says “now discontinue the pattern stitch” in the second column of the directions?

I am also not exactly clear on how I lap the two edges of the right and left front, but I think I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it :wink:

Thank you so much for the help!

This is an odd pattern! I’m just now realizing that there’s another problem: Going into the pattern I have 118sts on the needles, but the pattern given is a multiple of 16, what do I do about that?

You could work the cables either with a right or a left cross as you prefer as long as they all go in the same direction. It looks like the ones in the photo cross up and to the right so you would hold the cable needle to the back.

In order to have the cables cross on a RS row, change the rows to those in bold below:
Row 1: (Cables) k8, sl4 sts to CN, k4, k4 from CN, rep. to end.
Rows 2-8: Stockinette
Row 9: (Cables) sl4 sts to CN, k4, k4 from CN, k8, rep. to end.
Rows 10-16: Stockinette
That puts 7 rows between row 1 and the next cable twist.

Yes, continue the pattern with cables until it cays "… now discontinue the pattern stitch."
Should be very pretty.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I wonder what to do about the number of sts not adding up, though? Should I just begin and end each row with k3?

Since you begin the first cable row with k8, it leaves you with k6 at the end. You could begin the repeat with k6, then cable and end with k8. That would frame the pattern on each side instead of starting or ending rows with a cable. If you want, increase 2sts so that you start and end with k8.

That sounds like a good idea, thanks!