Vintage baby sweater

Hello all,

I am trying to fine a patter to this vintage baby sweater. I attach a a pic of it but not sure yall will see it I never attached a pic before. But i also inclueded the link it the 6 pic down( a white sweater)


The sweater in the picture in your post is definitely a ripple stitch double crochet pattern. Is this what you want, or would you prefer knitting patterns? Maybe it’s just my computer, but only a few of the pattern pictures are coming through. They have like an icon in the middle of the picture. They may have been done on a Mac. Of the ones I could see, the one sweater looks similar to the Five Hour Baby Sweater pattern. Bev has it here on her site. There were some counting errors in the original pattern which is floating around the net. Bev’s pattern is a corrected pattern and is free from errors.

I think this sweater look so cute. I looked for hours for a pattern. I would have love to knit a sweater like this, because my crochet is worse than my knitting. LOL

I’ll look, but if you haven’t you should go to Ravelry, too. Free to join and tons of patterns!

ETA- I didn’t find any just like it, but this one is cute.

Hmmmm, you’ve put designing one of these as a neck down sweater on my radar… I know how it’s done in crochet, and now I wonder how to do the same in knitting…

Is this it?
I’ve been drooling over this pattern for years but I don’t know how to crochet. I wonder if I could design a knit one that looks like this.