Villa poncho pattern help!

I know this is probably very simple…but can someone please explain:

This is from the free poncho patterns-VILLA is the pattern name.

How does one TWIST the two yarns together?

CO loosely 30 MC [red] and 20 CC [orange] sts.

Work in garter st for 60 inches.

Twist the two yarns together where they meet on each row.

On a row that begins with CC [orange], BO very loosely, with a larger needle if necessary.

Do not cut the MC yarn.
Leave a very long red tail, approximately 3 yards/meters.


When you come to the second color on each row, lay the working strand of the old color over the new before you work the first stitch of the new color. If you do it correctly, it will interlock the old color with the new at that stitch, otherwise you’d have a hole where the two colors meet. You can check the backside after the stitch is complete and make sure it’s been caught by the new color/stitch.

Many thanks…I tried that but I don’t think I did it properly…Try Try Again!!! LOL.