Victoria Bag

This was my first time knitting a bag and my first time sewing a liner. I hadn’t used a sewing machine in 15 years. I thoroughly impressed myself. :happydance:

that’s beautiful! way to go, pat yourself on the back and have some wine!

That turned out beautifully, inside and out!

:inlove: beautiful!!!

WOW! What a great job you did! It looks fantastic. I really like it. Did you reinforce it with plastic or cardboard or something between the lining and knitting? It looks like it holds it’s shape pretty well.

Beautiful and I am a Lucy nut too!!! My spare bedroom is partially done with Lucy.

Really beautiful!

Pretty color and design—great job of sewing and finishing the purse. You can be proud!! :cheering:


That is absolutely lovely! I also love the color you choose and you did a beautiful job lining it! What an awesome job you did! I just love that pattern!


Thank you so much.

Nightowl, I bought some stiffer fabric that is meant to help hold shapes. I machine stitched the lining fabric onto those pieces and then machine stitched the lined pieces together.