a while ago i had a problem with my cat
i thought she was constipated
and i took her to a new vet
lovely kind lady
the gentlest vet i have ever experienced
the cat wasnt constipated
but she did say to bring her back if she didnt do something
the next day
she was a good girl she did something
so i returned the next day to get a fibre food for her
and i met the owner of the place
and she told me that she wouldnt give me any food
until i had blood test and an exray done
i told her i would think about it
went to my pet store that i use and repeated the story
and they told me she had a reputation for doing this
i am very angry at her besides costing money why put animal through testing unless they are sure that they need
everything has become a money making business
gone are the vets who cared for animals more than
this is not my first cat
i have had cats for the last 25 years

Disgusting, isn’t it? Something about taking advantage of folks trying their best to care for their pets…very emotional and they play on it.

Unfortunately, just like our own health care, we have to be ever vigilent and pro-active with our pets’ health care too.

I hope your kitty continues to feel better!

I tried a few local veterinarians and was disappointed too. Now I only take my cats to the Humane Society clinic. I LOVE the doctors there. They DO care about animals.

I take my snake to a regular vet across town because he’s a reptile expert, and loves [I]everything[/I] with legs, fur, scales and tails.

the kitty is fine
i am still angry with this lady
and one day i am going to drop in and speak to the vet that looked after my cat the first time
frankly i shouldnt go back but the first one was so kind
as far as using the humane society
i had a bad experience with them
at the time i lived in toronto
and used the humane society downtown
my old cat had diabetes and i knew it was a matter of time
before i would have to put him down
i had him for about 15 years so it was hard
he was sick for a few days and i knew it was time
i phoned th humane society and asked if they would put him down for me
she said yes on tuesday and this was saturday morning
i told her he was suffering and she told me that there was nothing she could do about it
to say that i was upset would put it mildly
i took to him a vet nearby and they put him down for me
i will never forget the look on his face
it killed me
now i am crying and this was 10 years ago
i just wanted the doctors that he was used to
to see a friendly face before he went sleep
i have never used that place again

Vets really do vary- it is worth checking out several and talking to other pet owners for their recommendations. Here in the DC area there is a magazine called Consumer’s Checkbook that rates all kinds of businesses on lots of things and they recently had an issue about vets and vet clinics.

Sometimes you really DO need the tests, and I wouldn’t necessarily take the advice of someone merely working in a pet store. (Vets do go to school and have extensive training: and it is a business.) but unneeded tests and expenses are aggravating. We love our vet and everyone in our family uses the same vet. we trust him and his advice. they are extremely compassionate. sorry you had such a bad experience, but don’t stop taking pet to the vet!! find a better one!

i just got a new vet
really nice man and so gentle
he didnt think she needed any tests right now
but he did tell me to watch her
thanks for you replies