Vest Pattern

I’ve been spending my days searching the internet for an easy vest pattern (cardigan style) that I can whip up with some yarn that I found yesterday for a dollar a ball… bot 12 balls.
I found a place that shows easy vests but what I essentially want is a cardigan with no sleeves… :slight_smile: and in the round, if possible, or even partially in the round.
I guess I’m picky…?!
TEMA :happydance:

When you say ‘in the round’ do you just mean seamless, or knit a tube and cut it? There’s a big difference…

For a seamless vest, take a regular pattern and CO for both the back and fronts onto one needle. Then knit up to the underarms and divide so you knit the back and both fronts separately with the same shaping as in the original pattern. Keep the shoulder sts live instead of binding off and do a 3 needle BO.

Hi Suzeeq… thanks for replying.
I’ve lost my mind… I meant that I wanted to do it on circulars but, of course, I won’t join it to be in the round. Sorry about that…
Are you saying that I can take a cardigan pattern and just not add the sleeves?
TEMA :knitting:

Yes, or a button up vest pattern too, and just knit all the pieces as one.

And you’ve looked on Ravelry using the advanced search techniques (which includes “seamless” as one of the options under “construction”)? I see lots of them pop up for a search using “button vest.” But, of course, these may not be what you want since I don’t know what a cardigan vest looks like!!

Cardigan as it would button up the front, like a cardigan sweater, rather than a pullover.

I’ve done my share of looking, too, since I thought I’d like a cardigan vest also. I haven’t found one for my own use, but in looking for something else I came across this. I thought you might like to take a look. I wish you best of luck in finding your pattern.

Well I kept looking and might have found the one I want.

ETA link

Hi GrumpyGramma… The first pattern you posted is quite old fashioned… but take away the funny looking belt and you have a really decent vest. I like the ruffles around the little sleeve bit. I’ve put it in my favourites because I would like to try it.
Thank you for your imput; I appreciate it very much.