VERY tight knitter?

I am trying to teach someone how to knit, and though they are using the biggest needles I have (size 4mm) she is still knitting very tight. What advice can I give her to stop her from knitting so tight.:knitting:

Thank you in advance!

US 4 or 4 mm? I usually suggest a US 8 or 9 for beginners. Some yarns are harder to knit with and will tend to be tighter, too.

Knitting looser just comes with practice for the most part though.


I hope she’s using really thin yarn, if not, that’s one reason it’s tight. For learning, get her some really large needles, size 10, it will help her see the sts easier, and using worsted weight yarn they won’t be so tight.

There’s a knitting article on how to loosen up, though I don’t have a link for it. But one reason seems to be that after making a st, people tend to pull on the yarn. Watch to see if she’s doing that; making the next st will tighten up the previous one. Also make sure she’s not holding either the needles or the yarn with a death grip. New knitters tend to do that, thinking that if they hold them loose, they’ll drop a stitch. Even if they do, they can be shown how to put it back on the needles.