Very silly question..your experience?

I enjoy knitting with wool very much…but haven’t made anything that needed to be washed yet that I can wash in the sink by hand. I am eyeballing a sweater for later this year to start soon, and am needed your experience with washing large wool items. There is NO WAY I am taking it to a dry cleaner all the time. Can you wash it on gentle in the machine? How has your wool washed?

I haven’t washed any extremly large garments I made with wool (because my adhd knitting habits prevent me from knitting more than 4 inches before boredom sets in) BUT I used to own a few handmade wool sweaters I got at a yard sale: I never put them in the washer, I washed them by hand in the sink with woolite because i was afraid that the slightest bit of agitation would ruin them. Unless they had an obviously “dirty” spot I just sprayed them with febreeze every once in a while; since I always wore a shirt under them I didn’t think this was especially gross of me :shifty: I wonder if one of those home dry cleaning things would work?

I won’t knit it unless I can put it in the washing machine! Hand wash? Me! I don’t think so. Thus far, I have washed alpaca, merino, and cashmere sweaters in my washing machine on the gentle cycle without any problem at all (only the alpaca and merino were handmade - still can’t find someone worthy of a cashmere sweater, except DH and my parents, but DH hates my knitting, and my parents live in Florida). I just lie them flat to dry.

Knit, knit, knit away!

I generally use Lamb’s Pride, which is a mix of wool and something else (some softer wool)…so the merino washing sound promising. I don’t mind handwashing, but washing the kids sweaters, and a sweater or two I might get to make my self, by hand just seems daunting. I will maybe knit up a small sweater for my youngest and test it out. :?