Very silly question about button bands

I have a toddler cardigan to finish up–it just needs the button bands. So here’s my silly question. (I can’t find my pattern which had the picture, and I haven’t had any luck googling to find this information.) Which side do the buttons go on for boys and which side for girls.

Told ya it was a silly question! :teehee:

If you’re wearing the item, for a girl the buttons are on the left. Don’t worry…brain freeze happens:rofl:

Thanks! I think I’ve gone beyond the realm of brain freeze into the realm of total brain shut down!

I know exactly how you feel…but, it IS Friday and work has been terrible this week, so my brain is on shutdown right now. I actually had to go pull a shirt out of the closet to see about the buttons before I answered your question.:aww:

Anyway, good luck with the cardigan.

Funny, the Yarn Harlot just had a post about this yesterday! She is making February Lady sweater and someone commented that her buttonholes are on the wrong side. So she went into a big explanation of how the butthonhole conventions were invented (which may or may not be correct, but was interesting).

For men, the convention is to have the buttons on the right side (as you are wearing it) and women the buttons on the left side. Supposedly this is because it is easier to button yourself up (if you are right handed) if you have the men’s configuration, and it’s easier for your maid to button you up if you have the women’s. Also, it was mentioned that men removing a sword from the left side would easier be able to draw it across their body with the shirt/ jacket buttoned left over right.

Stephanie’s comment was that she put hers in the wrong place on purpose to be easier for her to do, as a right handed person. And that for baby things, perhaps you should do the “girl” configuration to make it easier for someone to dress the baby.

I’m a lefty but I don’t really notice a difference in ease of buttoning either way. I’d probably just stick with convention.

Anyway, that was probably way TMI. :slight_smile: