Very first stitch help

Oh goodness

Ok, I got cast-on. I need help from cast-on to the first stitch. The video shows knitting after several rows have been knit. I am new to the terms as well. I need a super-slow motion video or picture of what to do after cast on. I have this tail hanging off that is throwing me off, I do not know which loop or thingy to go through. I tried and it came out a mess and I feel absurd. I must say I am very frustrated and upset. I hate not getting things immediately, it makes me very upset. I cursed and wanted to throw my needles but I didn’t want to inadvertantly hit the dog :frowning:

Here is a video that Amy did of a small project from start to finish.

There are also videos and drawings here that might help you.

The tail hanging off is just from when you cast on. I hope by now you figured it out. If not, keep asking–you’ll get there.

I am by no means an expert knitter. I had the same problem when I first started. The worst part was that I started knitting because of a bet with a friend and I wasn’t allowed to ask for help from anyone. I had to teach myself. I could use books and videos but no live human beings. I was so frustrated! I’m like you in that I hate not being able to do something right away (I’m also a perfectionist which didn’t help). I had to get it into my head that I wasn’t going to learn this in an hour and have everything be perfect. I’m still in the trial and error stage but I think I’m doing pretty well. The only advice I can really give is relax and try to enjoy it (it’s supposed to be FUN). You’ll soon find that it’s much more natural than it feels at first.

Good luck! :waving:

Thank all

I know there is a tail from casting on, but in the pictures of first stitches, it is not there, so the strings are confusing. Also, I watched the video and still couldn’t get it :frowning: Ihaven’t picked up my needles since I originally typed this post

Depending on how you cast on the tail can be at either end. Amy uses the long tail method which places the tail at the same end as the working yarn. Because of this she can knit in the tail so it doesn’t have to be woven in later.

Are you using straight needles with a point on one end only? If so then just ignore the tail and you can begin knitting. Check the videos again and try working with them. If you can post photos we can see what you are doing, too.

Pick up your needles and place the needle that has the cast on stitches in your left hand. Note where the tail is and pick up the other strand of yarn that is connected to the ball. insert your empty needle, point first, into the back part of the loop of your cast on stitches. That is place it in the loop in the back side of the needle. now, take your strand of yarn that is attached to the ball and place the yarn over the needle that is in your right hand, put a little tension on it so it does not slide off the needle and pull that yarn through the loop and take the cast on loop off of your left hand needle and keep the new stitch on your right hand needle. now do that to the rest of the stitches until you have gone all the way across the row and turn and do the same.