Very difficult pattern for beginners

good day,

I have a lot of trouble with the pattern for a sweater draped.
It is not clear to me that part for the left and right front. writes in the formation of necks to obtain from the first one loop, and then spread to another 8 eight times each turn.
care if he starts counting to 8 of this order in which I did the first enlargement of one or just after, then the next.
help me, please!


I apologize. Now I guess this is it.

The back is knit from the bottom up, the fronts are knit sideways, from the center to the sides.

On the left front (as you wear it) the neck shaping is at the beginning of the WS row. Inc 1 st at the beginning of the row, then every 8th row (7 rows in between) until you’ve added 9 stitches total. That should take about 64 rows. The right front does the increases at the beginning of the RS rows. Again, every 8 rows until there’s 9 new stitches.

that, after I realized itself. stupid question because everything is actually there, but one should look at where the neck.
However, Suzi K, the pattern we are still not clear. again it is front sides. Namely, when I count them all rows that are Ispleti, for example on the front left side, there are ukupno128. transferred to it is 55 inches, 65 cm.
However, the scheme at the end of pattern says that the left front height
sides is 19 "or 47, 5 cm. How?

I apologize! Suzeeq, not Suzi K.
thank you!

128 rows = 55, 65 cm. However, the scheme says that it is 47, 5 cm.

I forgot to say it is the size of XL.

The overall length is 19" from the beginning to the edge where you seam it. Start the shaping after 8 rows, then inc on the next row and every 8th row 9 more times. So you’re doing about 80 rows total there, but you go on to do another 20 rows or more for the shoulder shaping. I wouldn’t worry too much about how many rows work out to what measurement. Just follow the pattern and it should work out. Your row gauge would be important here though, it should be 23 rows per 10cm, though if it’s less, 21 or 22 rows, then that will add more width across the front.

I insist so much on size because my 31 row measures 10 cm. therefore, the front left side, for example, should should have 132 loop at the beginning.
then every eighth row I add one loop. And so I work 12 times in order to obtain 144 loop; in other words up to 60 cm.
am I right?
thank you very much and excuse me if I bother you!

Yes, I have a loop 24 at 10 cm!

Yes, I think you’ve got it.

wonderful! now it is easier! I went immediately to knit!
thank you, thank you, thank you!