Very confused

My cardigan pattern button bands are knitted as follows:
Cast on 178 sts, work 6 rows in st st for rolled edge then change to smaller needles & work 2 rows in k1, p1 rib, then knit 1 row (RS). Then work several rows of st st in a different colour. Iron these rows then simply unravel to base colour when making up.
The making up instructions say sew the bands matching stitches & using backstitch on right side of work.
I can’t quite get my head round how this works. Could anyone help please.

Sounds like you’re to knit the band along the entire width from the very edge (in stockinette) to the innermost rows in rib. I’m not sure what the purpose of the rows in scrap yarn is or why you don’t simply pick up sts along the cardigan edge and work them.

What is the name of your pattern?

Sixtine Cardigan no 697-T19-610

Very nice!

You can do 2 of these bands as given in the pattern. The directions start at the outer edge and work in to the edge that is seamed to the body. I don’t mind sewing but I don’t see a good reason not to pick up the sts along one side, work the directions in reverse ending with 6 rows in stockinette. That way there’s no fiddly seaming and you can block to be sure the bands don’t pull on the fronts.

Had a eureka moment & have done exactly what the pattern said. I am sure it could have been explained in a much clearer way. Cardigan now finished & looking good. Thanks for your input.


Like it so much I’ve ordered 2 lots of yarn to make it in black & deep red. Lockdown is doing nothing for my bank balance!! Merino/silk yarn is not cheap!


Stunning and very well done! Enjoy wearing it
and the one in red
and the one in black.

It looks great, black and deep red sounds like an excellent colour combination too!

it looks good