Very confused about pattern l


Hi! I need help to understand.
I am very confused.
It’s increases from 48.
It’s says right side): k2, (2from1, k5) - 7 times, 2from1, k3. (56 sts)

If I do knit with the pattern it will be 54sts Not 56.
What I do is

K2 ,k5 =7 , repeat 7times = 49

49+ K 2+ k3 =54.
What’s wrong with me?
Thank you very much.


Welcome to the forum!
Are you leaving out the 2from1 at the end of the row?
k2, (2from1, k5) - 7 times, 2from1, k3. (56 sts)

2 + (2 + 5)x7 + 2 + 3 =56sts


Hi! salmonmac
Thank you very much for your reply and I understand are right I didn’t knit k2.i just started to knitting ( couple month ago) knitting is so fun but I am already lost esp reading instructions
( my first language is not English, & my country use chart pattern ) thank you very much again for your help.