Very big holes!

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could suggest some Lace patterns with very big holes.? Like ones with 3 times YO or something? It’s for a boat neck pullover that I am attempting to design for my sister. Most of the lace knitting patterns i have or can find are only 1 yo or 2, and so far I’m not getting the effect i wanted. Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance :muah:

Check out a wrap stitch - wrap the yarn around needle ? times and when they are dropped on the wrong side they leave a big hole or loop - or - why not just use big needles, 3 or 4 x’s the indicated sz.? That should give you a great big loose lace.

Yep, garter stitch on very large needles gives a nice lacey look.

If you use multiple yarn overs you’ll get what are called dropped stitches. They create very open areas, but they aren’t just holes as they have the yarn running through them like this:
Larger needles would definitely create a more open look in any pattern.

I’m sure there are some stitches that would suit your needs though. Here are some online stitch libraries that you can search through. They have the stitches in categories or alphabetical usually so it’s easier to search.

There are also several books with stitches. You could try your library.

Thank you for all your suggestions! I knew my sis didnt want the ‘big needle’ look, so i tried a couple of different patches. One with the sea foam stitch and one adapted stitch with improvised bigger holes…She didn’t like either of them :shrug:
She then tried to describe exactly what she wanted and I was forever lost. However it sounded like and reminded me of a method that i read once in a book. I’m really not sure how to do it. It creates almost like a ladder effect. You m1 stitch where the desired ladder will be, continue knitting, then drop the m1 and unravel it… or something like that. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?
Meanwhile I really like the ‘wrap’ stitch effect and am working on a design for myself!! :woohoo:

That kind of drop stitch, yeah, it’s different than the YO twice kind. I’m not sure what patterns use this, but you could probably take a stockinette sweater pattern and put in random YOs and drop them 4-6 rows later.

This scarf pattern might have the kind of holes you are looking for: