Vertically striped ribbing

I am doing vertically striped ribbing by moving the constrasting color yarn from 1 side to the other as I am knitting and keeping the main color yarn on 1 side.

I have done 2 rows so far and the purls are clearly standing out both spacially and in color. Is this normal for the purls to stand out? Since I am knitting stranded colorwork, I just see floats on the wrong side.

I am used to purls sinking in at the second row of ribbing. Could the fact that I did 1 knit row before the ribbing be why the purls are standing out and that they will sink in later on?

Knitting a row first shouldn’t make any difference. I don’t think I’ve seen the purls stand out instead of receding. :thinking: Can you post a picture?

Here is a picture of a few stitches in this vertically striped ribbing where the purls are standing out.

And here is what the back side looks like when I change the position of the black with every stitch in such a way that all the floats are on the wrong side:

It may be a bit fuzzy there but you can see that the black is wrapped around the back of every green stitch in the first row of ribbing and the green is wrapped around the back of every black stitch on the second row of the ribbing. The row just below that first row of ribbing is a normal stranded row and right below that is the 2 color long tail cast on edge.

Never mind, I found out that what I did there is corrugated rib and it is just the nature of corrugated rib to have the purls stand out.