Vertical stripes?

I want to make a vertically striped scarf, but with the methods I found for working with multiple colors, the extra string is visible on the wrong side of the work. Because I want to make a scarf, I would like both sides to look the same. Basically, I want to make this scarf. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

:thinking: I’m not sure if this will help or not… last year I made a horizontal scarf and started out using this pattern somewhere I messed up but didn’t want to frog all those sts so carried on… it looks the same on both sides no right or wrong side…you could make it wider if you wanted to just do extra rows in the colors or do a repeat of the pattern… hope this helps :smiley:,2025,DIY_14141_3520116,00.html

ETA horizontal instead of vertical sorry about that :oops:

What if you figured out how long you want your scarf to be, calculate your gauge and work the scarf horizontally. It would require casting on A LOT of stitches, enough for the entire length of the scarf, but then once worn the stripes would appear to be vertical even though it was worked horizontally.

I think the scarf was worked horizontally. If you look at this drawing, you can see the side-by-side color changes. You’d just work that row up to the color change, pick up the new color, and work to the end of the row and then back to the original color.

ooooh that does make sense. when i first saw the scarf i couldn’t figure out why the stitches looked so weird. :?? but now that i twist my head to the side and look at the scarf, the stitches do look like they’re in horizontal rows, not vertical ones.

i did think for a second about doing the rows horizontally, but i didn’t think all the stitches would fit on my needle. i want my scarf to be somewhere between 5 and 6 feet long, so i might need to use circular needles. however, doing the rows horizontally seems to be the simplest solution, so i think i’ll go with that. thanks everyone for your help!

Yes, you will definitely need to use a circular needle. Not just so the stitches will all fit, but that’s a lot of weight for your wrists to support on regular straight needles. I think that’s a lovely scarf!! (I wish I was a scarf person, there are so many great ones! :smiley: )

:doh: :oops: :rofling: yeah my/diy scarf was worked horizontal sorry about that… duh moment on my part LOL :blush: