Vertical stitch

How do I do the following:
WS - work last stitch together with one vertical edge stitch by a ssk.

Thanks muchy

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Sounds interesting. What pattern are you doing? Can you give us a link to it or a name?
What are the directions for the previous row?

It is the Pintuck Tee. A free pattern and it’s the section for the Bib. After completing the section for picking up stitches and start working the L,XL chart.
The following is to be completed for WS. “Work last stitch together with one vertical edge stitch by a ssk.”


Very pretty tee.

At the beginning of this section you picked up sts along the curved edge on one side of the front and then picked up sts on the vertical edge. For the left front this is the left edge of your knitting (the neck edge). The bib pattern begins on the sts of the curved edge but once you’ve worked all the curved edge sts into the pattern, you’re to begin incorporating the sts picked up from the vertical edge. The bib pattern won’t expand, the vertical edge sts will be knit together with bib sts, one stitch added every time you reach the vertical edge (so one stitch added per 2 rows) and that added stitch will be knit together with the last bib stitch.

If you look at the chart for L, XL I completed 10st, 15st, 20st up to 25 stitches completed both WS & RS. Next row (28st) is WS, K3, ptbl. I have 4 stitches not 3. My ribs will not match up. UGH, I know I’m missing something very simple. Am I doing the curved edge wrong?

Looking at the chart, you end the WS row with k3. Then on the RS row, p3 and continue with ktbl, p4, ktbl, p4 etc.
Is it that you only have 4sts left on the curve?

yes - I’m starting over right now. Gotta be doing something wrong like one little wrong. lol

Thank you - will let you know.

You should be piCking up 35sts in the 35 bound off sts on the left front. That’ll give you the correct number of sts to work the chart.

I do have the 35 stitches to work the chart. Still having an issue when I come to 28 stitches, knit 3 first.
Is this chart read straight or circular needles?

I knew I wasn’t awake when doing this chart. Please don’t laugh, but I was working the chart opposite of whati should. Amazing what a simple oversight messes with designandinmy casethe mind. LOL
Again thank you

I’m so glad you figured it out. Good going! I’ve saved the pattern since it looks so lovely.

Another snag. I’m doing the opposite side of the bib. How do I read the chart since I’m starting with RS instead of WS. I’m learning free patterns are not always the best for me.
Appreciated greatly

You could look at the chart in a mirror or work the chart starting on the left for the RS rows. This is backwards from the way charts are usually read but it will work to reverse the pattern.
Congrats on getting through the first shoulder!