Vertical buttonholes? Armholes..dolly

Ok… So I’m making my own pattern for a doll. Is it possible to do vertical buttonholes? I’m getting the feeling that it isn’t after I think about it for a while. I want the buttonholes to be for the arms legs and neck so I dont have to do a lot of seaming (actually none…) Because on a doll I think it looks tacky. So having the buttonholes would be there for the future to pick up and knit in the round.

Do I have to do them horizontally? and will it still make a circle shaped arm and not look flat?

Cause I was actually thinking of doing this (below), so I wasn’t planning on just binding off just one row on bottom…if that makes sense. I hope this is understandable. But I’m thinking if I tried to make a box buttonhole, it just wouldnt work because of the carrying thread between stitches. It would just connect the other side again. ( and I dont want to knit back and forth. I want this to be in the round.)

I found directions for a vertical buttonhole,

Work to the position of the buttonhole, then divide the work by dropping the old yarn, joining in another ball of yarn and wroking to the end of the row.

For the next few rows, until the buttonhole is the required depth, continue to work each side separately so that the band is divided into two parts.

To close the buttonhole, work across the whole row with the original end of yarn. Strengthen the top and bottom of the buttonhole with a stitch using the spare ends of yarn.

This might be a problem in the round, but maybe for the rows of the buttonhole you could work back and forth and then continue in the round when it’s done.

Thanks, that’s what I thought initially. I wonder if either way would look the same…ah well, we’ll see when I get to it :smiley: