Verena Magazine

Have any of you seen the Verena Knitting magazine? I got an offer in the mail to subscribe. It is a European magazine that is now available in the US.

I checked the website and the styles look a little too ‘designer’ for me, but it is hard to tell from just a few pictures. There are supposed to be 50 plus patterns in each issue.

I was wondering what the articles are like. I sometimes buy a magazine just for the articles, even if I don’t particularly like the patterns.

Thanks for the link. I see that it’s a Burda publication. Burda is a German company – they’ve been putting out needlecraft magazines for decades.

I’ll have to check it out further. Wonder if they have an issue at the bookstore to look out before subscribing?

I want to see! I like “designer”. Most of the time.

If this is like the similar european magazines, Anna and another I can’t remember, there’s not much in them for articles. Mostly patterns.

It seems like the actual knit pieces are pretty wearable and if they had them on regular people (not 9’ tall leggy models in white spandex) they would look really nice. I think it looks like a really great magazine!! Thanks for the link!

I don’t see the cost for the subscription? Do you?

4 issues $19.96 plus a bonus issue.

You have to fill in the subscription form before they tell you the price.
I disliked the tactic so much that I didn’t continue the subscription process.

There’s a group on Ravelry called “Knitting Russian Style”, many members there knit from this magazine, because many of them are in Europe. If you’re on Ravelry, you can ask the group for their opinions (it’s an English speaking group).

I looked at the preview of patterns from the magazine and felt like they were the same type of things we see in VK, IK, etc. I do like a lot of the stuff that I see from “Knitting Russian Style” knitters on Ravelry. I was hoping I’d see those kind of patterns in the Verena preview.

Have you looked lately, they are now online with a preview of the current issue, The price is more obvious as well.