Verena Magazine in the US

I just saw an add on Ravelry that the famous European knitting magazine Verena is now published in US too. I myself had a peek at a few of the designs and they really have some stylish stuff. I know that many European and Russian knitters just love that magazine. [COLOR=Red]Here’s[/COLOR] their site with the details.

I ordered their subcription. their premiere summer magazine was great. They had OVER 50 patterns!!! There were so many great patterns. So now I have Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting and Verena subscriptions.

I bought the premier issue at my LYS on Friday (she talked me into it~it was very hard :teehee: )

It’s got some great patterns!

I just got mine, while I wish there were more articles, I love the abundance of great, practical patterns!!

I can’t wait to make a few of them!