Venting - Don't read if irritated by venters

I finished the pieces of the sweater a while ago, maybe a week or more?
I wasn’t sure how to sew it up so I set it aside for a while.

I finally decided to just use the mattress stitch even though it causes a thick inside seam.

I used the Lion Brand Homespun as it was the yarn that had
the pattern on it in the first place and I also hoped the
crinkle of the yarn would help hide my sloppy knitting.

I went to sew the seams and I could not really tell where
the stitches were! It’s hard to explain but the crinkle of
the yarn made it visually impossible and trying to insert
a needle and gently pulling on the yarn to see the stitch
was too much for me.

Also, after picking up the front or back, can’t remember which
one now, I saw that I dropped a stitch and there was this huge
hole around the neck area. Pfffffffff

I was so discouraged I set it aside and decided, the same as
I had BEFORE I saw this pattern, that I would never knit a
garmet (not counting scarfs and slippers).

I tried to relax, calm myself down by knitting baby booties
with this horrid yarn. I also knit a newborn hat and 1 slipper
using the loom for the last two. I have since then knitted
1 and a half squares for my squares blanket and I’ve
started knitting the sweater AGAIN using Lion Brand Jiffy
yarn which I like a lot. I am using it for the squares and
it’s not too expensive. When I started the first square
after ‘the sweater incedent’ I used the #11 sized needles
that are for the sweater and not the #10. I didn’t notice
until I had about 1/4 of the square done.

I plan on ripping the old sweater and using that yarn for loom
hats and slippers.

I had so much to say and it was funny, in my head anyway.
The thing is, I think of what I want to vent about here or in
my knit blog, as it is happening and then a few days pass and
when I finally get to post … it’s not funny anymore.

I am funny, at times, and not just funny looking either.

The darn square I’m working on has been ripped 3 times now
for the same 6 rows. It has a yo pattern in it and I keep messing
up. I do for all the squares, it’s just a part of the knitting process
for me and I try to not get to upset but sometimes…

I am knitting along, counting for each RS row and then suddenly
I have a stitch too many or too few. Not a surprise and techically
it should not be a biggy but this current square is possessed.

I look at the pattern every RS row and suddenly about 5 or so
rows down, I see this gapping hole (yo) where there should not
be one! I hear evil laughter but am not sure if it’s the hole
or the voice in my head. The voice and I do not get along so
it could be the voice.

This has happened twice today! The misplaced hole that is.
So, I am somehow doing something terribly, and thus
should be obviously, wrong but have not figured it out yet.

I just ripped it back and started my sweater for 5 rows and
will now go back to the square and see if I can get past
this 6 row ripping time loop.

Wish me luck.

OH no! That’s awful. :hug: If you search for Homespun here you’ll see many Rants :slight_smile: Not the friendliest yarn in the world. Hope things get better!