Vent-Knitting pattern errors

Well, from the title you can guess where this is going.

I started a wrap pattern from Interweave Knits-Fall 09 for the Every Way Wrap. It has an interesting reversible cable pattern that was just too tempting. So I cast on & followed the chart. After a few inches, it didn’t look right. But I thought it was because of the set up row for the cables on the opposite side. Nope, it was a mess. Checked my stitches, checked the chart, repeat-till I wanted to tear out my hair. Figured, I must have miscounted somewhere. So ripped it out.

Second time, checked each row carefully as I work. You guessed it. Same problem. This time I quit sooner.

Off I went to their website. Yep, the key for the chart was wrong.

Third time is a charm. Only after all this trouble I decide I don’t like the look of the pattern. The fabric bunches up too much because of the crisscrossing cables. Even when I went up 2 needle sizes.

So after all this work. I passed on making the wrap anyway.

But I did learn to always check the websites for pattern errors upfront.

Yep, always check for errata before starting a pattern. Errors can happen at several different points in pattern production.

I feel your pain. I learned the check for errors strategy that way too. Hope you can find another use for the yarn!

I understand your pain. I wish I had some recommendation for the frustration, but I think I actually dug a hole I put a huge bush in. At least the gardening went right.

I’m sure I’ll find something else to do with the yarn. I’m kicking myself for not thinking to check for errors first. A lesson learned.