Vegetable Matter

I just received some merino yarn that has vegetable matter throughout the yarn, not a lot but some. I looked it up and found one site that said yarn such as this, which came straight from the farm, will have more vege matter because it is processed less, making the yarn, my yarn, deliciously soft.

I read that acid is added to the washing process in order to dissolve the vege matter. ACID. No wonder this yarn is so remarkably soft.

It doesn’t really bother me, I pick out the big chunks and knit in the rest. Can I see it. Yep, when I examine it closely, but the grasses, twigs and such allow me to appreciate the beautiful animal who grew it for me to knit.

Any thoughts, opinions or knowledge about vegetables in yarn?

yeah generally picking out the twigs doesn’t bother me that much but i have to believe that there is a certain amount of hooey to that article. Have you ever felt Kuryeon? I have never found a yarn with bigger twigs in it and it feels like sand paper to me! :shock: Merino is delightfully soft though, even with the twigs i would suppose! :wink:

[color=indigo]With both llama and alpaca wools, veggie matter is a given. We do remove as much as possible , and yet, about 1 in 4 spinners and handknitters tell us that they wished we would leave it in. :shrug:

I myself find that spinning with debris on board is a major pain; others are willing to put up with the inconvenience to give a more rustic look to their yarn. Some say that they even card around it with any fibers! :??

Well, after 24 years, it beats me. :passedout:



Thanks for the comments.