Various Cast Ons -anyone use them?

I just saw the Norwegian Cast On video in the basics section and was amazed by it. So many steps! I’m surprised I haven’t seen this video in the past few years. Anyone use this cast on method? And what would you use it for?

I’ve also seen it called the Thumb Method and the Twisted German Method.

Also, has anyone tried the tubular method of casting on? As seen here :

I’ve been knitting for a while and never felt the need to learn other ways of doing things, but now I’m ever so curious.

I’ve never donet hose before, I only use the long tail!

I, too, only use the long-tail cast on. I’ve used provisional a few times when I absolutely have to, and mid-project I use backward loop but for casting on to start a project I always use long tail.

I knew I had seen that somewhere before.

Cast-on techiques from

I’ve been meaning to try it. I bet it would be great for top-down socks. There are other cast-on techniques in the knitty article, as well as a link to the previous month’s first installment of the cast-on techniques.

Mostly I use long tail, but I have been doing toe-up socks with the Turkish Cast-on lately.

It is! :happydance:

I’ve used cable cast-on, and what I’ve always called “knitting on” where you knit a stitch and transfer it back to the left needle. I acctually haven’t tryed the long-tail method. It looks fairly easy, but I tend to fumble it a bit. I guess using a book to learn isn’t always the way to learn. I know Amy has a video on it, I just haven’t watched all of her videos yet.

I usually use the long tail cast on. The only times i use another cast on is when i need to do a provisional cast on or when i need to cast on stitches in the middle of a project, then i use the cable cast on.

I am a long tailer as well. For some reason I just have no desire to try any of the others, most of them seem just to complicated to me. When I start a pair of socks, I will have to learn a different cast on method though, because I plan to do toe up socks as my first pair.

I use long tail … but today I cast on a scarf and the instructions said to use a crochet cast on because it looks just like a knit cast off … so both ends of the scarf will match … and … it does!!! Very Cool !

thanks for the link to that other site with the Turkish Cast on! now that I’ve started knitting up a storm again, I am not scared anymore to try anything new! I am so excited to just try everything that I wouldn’t do before. Except for steeks :fingerwag:

I usually use the long tail method for usual knitting, but for toe up socks I used to use figure 8 cast on, and now I love the provisional cast on. I’m going to try short row next.

I never knew there were all these different cast ons than the ones listed here in the video section!

So is the Norwegian cast on the same thing as the cable cast on?

I just found ANOTHER one!

Called Channel Island Technique…interesting!

I started off using “knitting on”, since that’s what my mum taught me. Then I discovered a method called “invisible cast-on” in a book. I think it gives the same result as tubular cast-on, starting with provisional yarn, but the “tubular” part is worked like double knitting as far as I can tell (I’ve never actually tried double knitting). It gives a lovely stretchy edge that seems to “run round” the bottom of the knitting. I’ve never found it explained anywhere on the net.

When I don’t need a single ribbed edge, I now use long-tail cast-on.

I use what I’ve heard called two-tail cast on. I’m guessing that’s the same thing as long-tail.