Vanna's Kintted Afgan ( again)

Looking over the pattern…It uses intarsia for a blanket because the border is knitted with the main pattern. Does this sound wacky to you? Won’t the back of the blanket be…all weird? Should I add the border at the end? Opinions please. :grphug:

The reverse/back side of anything that incorporates intarsia, fair isle color work, or even duplicate stitches, is gonna look ‘weird’. But, not a bad weird! Just be as neat as possible. Be mindful of what your reverse side looks like as you go along. Kinda like crosstitchers and embroiderers have to do, too!

I agree that it’s going to look odd on the wrong side of the work. This is why I’ve heard some people say they steer clear of afghans that are heavy with color work and pattern stitches because they like their afghans to be reversible. To me, I don’t mind having a good side and a strange side.

If you think you have a “work around” worked out in your head, try it. I know plenty of knitters who make their own modifications to patterns so they work better for them. I heard someone say once that patterns are really just an inspiration for their own work.