Vanna's Glamour (Shimmers)

I just got an email from LionBrand on the new Vanna’s Glamour shimmery yarn. Can’t wait to see it in person. It’s available in 7 colors. Anyone used this or is it too new?

FYI, they say it’s 96% acryllic and 4% metallic pollyester.

I haven’t used any of the Vanna yarn yet. Have you ever used it? Is it fun to knit with?

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I haven’t seen the shimmery Vanna yarn yet either, nor have I knit with any of Vanna’s yarn. I am also wondering if it is easy/nice to work with.


Hi Newbieknit -
I have used Vanna’s yarn - knit a pair of men’s slippers and just finished a vest. It knits up very nicely, has an almost spongy feel to it, and washes great in the machine. It goes on sale a lot at places like Michael’s and I think it’s worth buying. Hope this helps.

I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and didnt see the shimmer BUT I have knitted with Vanna and I like it. A little price for me but its a good yarn.

I can’t wait to see the Glamour yarn. I haven’t seen it in any stores here yet. I think it would make a beautiful shawl. I have crocheted a few afghans with the regular Vanna’s Choice and just :heart: the stuff! It doesn’t split as much as some other soft yarns. Neato colors and it washes up beautifully.

From all the positive responses, I’m going to have to try out Vanna’s yarn. It hasn’t felt good to me in the skein but it sounds like it washes up nicely. The Shimmer sounds nice. Hope we see it at out local Michael’s or JoAnn’s.

No! Don’t say it is so! I am such a sucker for Vanna’s yarn. I love all of it. I use it for 99% of my projects. I just may have to find a use for the glamor yarns.

On the Lion Brand website, the glamour shimmers are for sale and they show you the colors available. They look very nice. I think I’m going to order a couple to see how they are. Check out the colors they have:

  1. Diamond
  2. Sapphire
  3. Ruby Red
  4. Copper
  5. Platinum
  6. Onyx
  7. Topaz

Have Fun Shopping

I’ve used Vanna’s Choice, I’m making an afghan with it and I love it!

Any the finished products come out wonderful. My projects must feel soft to my touch, as most of my projects go to other people as gifts, otherwise I won’t use them.

I have not seen the shimmer yarn yet, I was at AC Moore last night and they didn’t have it.

As of yesterday afternoon I didn’t see Shimmer at Micheal’s here in my area. When someone finally gets their hands on it please let me know. I’m curious as to how much of a shimmer this yarn actually has.

Thank you everyone for the input on Vanna’s yarn. I am going to buy some this Tuesday (my day off) and try it!!

The first time I tried some, I didn’t like it, thought it was too splitty. Next time I used Options needles and think it’s great yarn for projects that need to be washable.

Haven’t seen the Shimmer yet, but will probably go find some for a new project.

I am just about to start a Christmas Sweater for My GD in the silver glamour… It should look lovely for the Holidays…

Let me know how that goes. DH just asked for a fisheman’s sweater :woot: and wants it to be washable to I’m showing him all my previous swatches to see what he likes, etc. I thought the Shimmer might be great but shouldn’t be TOO shimmery so he can wear it daytime and anywhere.

Does anyone know when this will be in stores? I havent seen it anywhere. Is it just available online?


I keep searching for this in every Michael’s and Hobby Lobby I see, but I have YET to find it. Has anyone yet?

I have yet to see it too. I would have ordered some with my last order to Joanns but they didn’t have any either.

Arielluria, I don’t think your DH would appreciate a sweater made with Vanna’s Glamour. It is a 2 weight yarn with a metallic thread wrapped around it which has a very glittery (and girly!) effect. I am making a lacy scarf for myself with it.
It is a totally different yarn from the plump worsted weight Vanna’s Choice yarn.
I have used both of these very different yarns and like them a lot. I don’t find either of them splitty at all. I found the Vanna’s Glamour about a month ago at one of the big Joann’s superstores.