Vanna White Yarn

Anyone use the Vanna White Yarn by Lion Brand? I saw it at JoAnn’s today for 2.99, it felt a lot like the Plymouth Encore, maybe even softer. After my Homespun (YUK!) afghan I am a little leary of the Lion Brand brand.

I saw it at Tall Mouse and it was very, very soft! It is acrylic only whereas Encore is 25% wool, but it’s nice to have a new choice.

Don’t judge a brand by one yarn… Yarns like Homespun can be found in most yarn lines. It’s the type of yarn you don’t like most likely. I don’t like the boucle type yarns either, but the LB Wool Ease and a few others are fine.

I’ve been wanting to try it out, but my stash is so big right now I can’t justify it. I really like the colors.

I am hanging my head in a small amount of shame for having anything in my house that says Vanna White on it but i have 12 skeins of it for a Log Cabin baby blanket i am making. I like it MUCH better than Encore (I really do hate encore btw) and think it feels a lot softer. The colors are more muted than i generally like but still very pretty. The blanket i am making is very squishy feeling. I am in the process of making two (one has been thrown across the room because i am tired of working on it!) and this one is definitely going to the cold climate baby because it is so thick.

I saw the yarn at Micheal’s and I, too, was like Vanna White ewwwww…but then I felt [yeah, alittle yarn fondeling in Micheal’s] and I dug it.

I am going to knit a Doctor Who scarf for myself out of this yarn and give it a try…

Why is everyone so down about/ashamed about Vanna’s yarn? She was one of the first celebrities who came out years ago and admitted to doing a yarn craft, and she’s had a steady job for 20some years. So what if it’s Wheel of Fortune. I even watch it sometimes.

thanks KEDEK5

yeah- suuzeq- I’m not sure I understand the dig to Vanna… maybe I’m out of touch… but I always thought she was pretty, and that it is hard to keep any job in Hollywood as long as she has. (she can’t be THAT dumb!) anyways… I thought the colors were pretty and I’m interested to see how it knits up.

[FONT=“Century Gothic”]I am interested in Vanna Whites yarn. I saw it advertised on The Lion Brand website and thought to myself, “I have to try that”. Vanna has some nice crochet patterns too. I have nothing against her. She has a passion for yarn and crochet/knitting. What could be so bad about her??

Personally I am not prejudiced against any type of yarn. If I like it I buy it. [/FONT]

Maybe she has an aura of cheese ball stuck to her like a trail of toilet paper? :shrug:

I’m thinking there’s a stereotype people can’t get past.

My thing is I’m biased against acrylic. I do like Simply Soft, though. So far the one project I made with it is still really soft and minimal pilling (I hate pilling!).

I saw some of the Vanna yarn at a store and it’s not as soft as SS. I did like the colors though. I prefer the muted colors. I hope Lion Brand comes out with more colors for Cotton Ease. They can use some of the colors they used for Vanna!