Vana White Yarn

I was at Michaels this weekend and I was looking at the Vana White yarn… I was just wondering if this yarn would be ok to knit a sweater with. Wool makes me very itchy and I’m looking for a substitute yarn - not too pricy - to knit the central park hoodie…

It certainly feels nice and soft. I’ve heard from people who’ve used it that they like it.

I’ve only heard good things about it too. I think it’s a little funny that Vanna has yarn, but if it’s nice, then why not!

Thanks !!!
I will defenetly go buy some yanr next weekend !!! I can’t wait to start knitting this sweater

I bought a bunch of Vanna’s yarn for an afghan for my daughter for the exact same reason you mentioned. She thinks all wool is “itchy” no matter what type I’ve shown her, and she thinks this stuff is so soft. I will say that it is an absolute pleasure to knit with. I’ve been very pleased. And Michael’s had it on sale 2/$5, so it was a great deal too!

Vanna’s been crocheting most of her life, so no surprise she’s in to yarn, and I think the profit from her yarn line goes to charities.

Thanks for posting this. I have wondered about that yarn too. She has some pretty colors and they feel nice. I’m just starting to knit and Im not fooling myself my work looks like (good :wink: )beginner work so to spend $100 at this point on a project is unreasonable, but I want to enjoy feeling something nice too!

Very nice yarn to knit with and the finished items are very soft. Easy care, too, just toss in the washer/dryer. Afghans are great from it and the price is very reasonable. Love the colors!

I ordered some and cannot wait to knit the four sweaters for my family, but need to finish baby blankets first.

I think maybe if the yarn was not at leat decent, she wouln’t put her name on it… I got some skeins to knit a sweater that is originally to be knitte with Patons Classic Wool, but I find it itchy to my skin. So, I am going to give Vanna’s yarn a try very soon!

I have only bought one skein to check it out but I knitted up a swatch and test washed/dried it about 4 times and between washings I rubbed on it to give it a simulation of wear. It held up very well. The knitting I did with it looks nice too.

That’s really good to know. :slight_smile: Hmm I may need to try some.