Valley Yarn DPNs

I am looking at the Valley Yarn DPNs. Has anybody used these? I don’t like the Takumi’s they don’t seem pointy enough for me, plus I like the 6 inch better.

I bought Crystal Palace DPNs and I really like them, however some little cute puppy dog who shall remain nameless decided they were good teething toys! :pout:

Eh, they were okay. But, I really can’t offer an honest opinion, because I’m really prejiduced towards wood, plastic, and bamboo needles. I only used them because they were the only ones in that size that I had available. If you like wooden needles, give them a try!

I find that wooden needle points inevitably wear off with use although the timber used to make the needle can make some very hard wearing. I’m not familiar with the one’s you’re asking about however.

I use Ivore brand needles for chunkier items (a larger needle) but have gone back to metal needles for smaller ply items after finding both plastic and Ivore ones snapped either under the weight of the item, because it was cold, or simply the friction of my hands. I went through 3, size 3 needles in plastic and Ivore on one item and gave up and went back to metal. I have one nice set of size 6 timber needles.

It’s great to have the ‘bounce’ in needles made in materials other than metal and so much better for your hands but nothing worse than having needles snapping while working on something complex.

Contiknitter, how have you found bamboo in terms of breakage and heavier items? I’ve never used bamboo.