Valentine's Knitting

Anyone knitting something special for their valentine? Each year I knit something for dh–last year was a scarf (which was kind of silly since we live in GA) and this year I’m thinking of knitting him something heart oriented but I haven’t figured out what yet…

I found this pattern a few weeks ago and purchased it–I plan to make one of these to put dd’s candy in if I can just get to a yarn store that has red and pink wool…our Michaels only carries the new lion brand wool and it didn’t come in (or they didn’t carry) the right colors. I need to just get some patons at Joanns but there isn’t one nearby…

If you have valentine knitting plans–please share–I need something small for dh and I’m pulling a blank!

You just gave him a son! Let him buy you a ton of beeeeautiful yarn!! :teehee:

LOL! I like the way you think!!! :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

I think Ingy has the right idea~!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
How about a red or white hat? you know the valentine’s colors…
or how about a small pillow with a heart on it~?

:slight_smile: I thought of a pillow…

dh is an odd guy to try to knit for–there really isn’t anything that he’d want but I do it anyway just b/c I love to give gifts. Knitting them allows me to get double the pleasure–I get knitting pleasure and gift giving pleasure.

I’ll likely give up on dh–I just look for any reason to knit something…I wish I could get into just knitting random projects but I can’t --they need to have a purpose or a recipient.

I plan on knitting my boyfriend a pair of those finglerless gloves that have the mitten top that pulls over them. I’m designing my own, but I’m learning from these.

Maybe your husband could use something like that?