Vacation Knitting

I was wondering what knitting projects people here like to take with them on vacation. My family and I are not long back from a vacation to South Africa and I brought a phone/ipod/anything you like roughly the same shape cover in progress and a round dish cloth. I completed the dish cloth, apart from sewing it up - it was done on 2 straight needles - and the other project turned out to be just the right size for my daughter’s DS Lite. I managed to knit her a cover for her ipod as well, so she was very happy.

I tend to bring only small projects away with me, to save space in my suitcase, but I must remember to take a knitter’s needle with me next time.


ps Sewing needle, that is, to do any making up!

My travel projects are also small - socks, maybe dishcloths. Always extra yarn for another pair or more dishcloths if I finish the first.

I also take a small metal box (like an Altoids tin) or a small pencil case and carry extra markers, tape measure, sewing needles, small folding scissors, anything I might need that’s small enough to fit.

I bring hats and scarves mostly. I always bring an extra skein of yarn so if I finish I can start another one.

That makes perfect sense! Very logical! I do the same if air travel is involved…but if I’m going up to the mountaintop with my DH…via truckin’…anything goes! I bring the BANK! All of it! I usually bring way too much…but the thought of running out of knitting…is not a pretty thing! :pout:

Books, needles, yarns…and lots of high hopes! that’s what I pack!

socks and baby stuff… i actually went purse hunting to find one that i can fit a full skein of yarn (the 7 ounce worsted weight size) and my needles in the middle pocket. I cram everything else into the outside pockets.


Just wanted to say Hi from Co. Roscommon and welcome. Our last holiday was on Co. Kerry so I had loads of room. At the time i was working on the Debbie Bliss garter stitch blanket made up of 56 seperate 3" squares,so the squares were very portable.


Yep - I agree with the others; small stuff. Socks are great; I use magic loop, and a small circular is probably still safe on airlines, I hope! I also like to bring scarves or pet snuggles - easy to knit without paying as much attention.

I had to laugh at ArtLady - running out of something to knit? Oh, the horror! I am completely with you on that one. The last time I got in the car to go somewhere with my hubby I forgot my knitting. So much wasted time!!! :gah:

I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring my knitting along with me in the car years ago. Of course, we’re out in the car together more often now, since my husband retired. The only time I find it difficult to knit in the car is when he is driving very fast over a bumpy road. I usually just give up then, as I can’t even get the needle through the first stitch.

Thank you all for sharing about your favourite vacation and even out in the car knitting projects. I think we’re all agreed that it is not something we want to leave home without.


I have a long plane trip coming up (coast to coast in the US) to visit my sister, who is also a knitter/crocheter, and I plan to bring a crochet sweater project. In the past I’ve bought baby hats/projects, dishclothes, hats, etc. I generally try to limit it to 1-2 skeins of yarn max, soI don’t know how this sweater thing is going to work.