Vacation Clapotis

I made my very first Clapotis on vacation, got it finished in just 9 days:cheering:

The first two pictures are of the unblocked clapotis “artfully” displayed on my Dad’s dock. I blocked it with a steam iron and decided to use it as a table scarf for my Hepplewhite table. I may use it as a scarf when it gets colder but right now I love the look of it on my table.

Gorgeous! I love the colors! You did an amazing job. :slight_smile:

That is beautiful! :inlove: What yarn did you use?

Nine days, seriously? Not that I’m jealous or anything, but I’ve been working on mine for a few weeks. I’m probably at the half way mark.

Okay, I am jealous!:teehee:

Noro Kujaku color #5


That’s so gorgeous!

Waaaa. It’s so pretty. I need to try knitting Noro yarn soon, because the color is just so great.

Your clapotis looks great! I love how the colors worked out with the Noro.


That looks amazing

That looks beautiful both on the dock and on the table. Very elegant. Vacation time well spent.

That is just gorgeous!

You may just want to make another one. It looks terrific on that table. It is really beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful! Love those Noro colors. It does look lovely on the table, but it’s just too pretty not to wear!

That is so beautiful!!!

I am a huge fan of noro yarns! I know they can be twiggy and scratchy at times, but you can’t beat the colors.

I am jealous, I have been working on my Clapotis for over a year now with no end in sight. I just keep getting bored :wall:

Great job!


That is so pretty!

That is one gorgeous clapotis! And it looks great on the table :thumbsup: I hope you don’t have any cats to pull it down :teehee:

No, just dogs!!!

I may be in trouble though because every time I walk by the table I want to yank it off and wrap myself in it. :roflhard:

VERY Nice!!:heart:
Well done:cheering: